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The Music Association of Auckland (MAA) was established to use music as a bridge to facilitate communication among members and promote friendship with people of other ethnic origins. MAA aims at developing diversity of the culture in New Zealand through its performances and by exchanging eastern and western views on music.

Choir rehearsals starts now, every Sundays at 7:00pm, Cornwall Park School Hall, enter from gate next to 84 Whetaurangi Road, Greenlane. [New members are welcome with audition]

奧克蘭音樂協會堅持 [ 以音樂為紐帶和橋樑, 傳播並弘揚博愛精神, 促進不同族群與社區的融合; 通過東西方音樂藝術的切磋及交流, 為紐西蘭多元文化的發展盡一份責任 ] 主要的宗旨是為紐西蘭華洋各界音樂愛好者留下深刻的印象.

歌唱團排練已經開始,每個星期天晚上7時開始,於Cornwall Park School Hall, 從84号Whetaurangi Road, Greenlane 閘口進入。[新團員要通過試音]

MAA Master Class 跨越音樂領域大師班 11/6 星期六

Dr. Maritza Caceres 瑪莉莎、凱薩雷斯博士
Fang Ni 方妮

Sat 11/6/2016 星期六
Auckland Museum Auditorium, Level 2
奧克蘭博物館音樂廳 [2樓]

10:am – 11:30 am Masterclass 1st Session 第一節大師班

12:pm – 2:00 pm MasterClass 2nd Session 第二節大師班

3:00 – 4:00pm Concert 音樂會

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2016 New Zealand Local Hero Of The Year - Iris Cheng 記奥克蘭音樂協會主席(鄭毛燕美 Iris Cheng)女士

The Cultural Exchange Concert (2015)文化交流音乐会

MAA acknowledges Maestro Uwe Grodd to be our Honorary Patron from May 2011 www.uwe-grodd.com

MAA acknowledges the major funding from COGS [Community Organisation Grant Scheme] Auckland and Manukau City, special thanks to MAA supporters and members.

Mrs Helen Lowe